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Are you looking for people to go on a trip, a holiday or a weekend with?

We help you find travellers in your image and create your travel desires.

Strabo is the platform to find travel mates.

How it works ?

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1. The beginning of the adventure....

You really want to go away for a weekend, take a few days off or explore the world. Only you'd like to find people to accompany you...

2. To the assault of the dream trip!

Either you create your travel ad and receive requests for participation from other travellers, or you look for an ad that interests you and asks to participate.

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3. The organization

Once your group of travel companions has been formed, all you have to do is organize. It's easy to discuss in group with Strabo ✌️

4. Come on, let's go !

Well, that's it, now all we have to do is start and create great memories!

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Why go with travel mates?

check iconYou don't dare to go alone

check iconYou don't feel motivated to go alone

check iconIn fact, when you go alone, it's to meet new people :)

check iconYou want to optimize your costs: it costs less to book a car or accommodation for several people

check iconIt's nice to be able to share an experience with other people

check iconIt's more fun to share your travels in reality than via your social networks

check iconIt encourages human projects such as humanitarian work and intergenerational exchange.

check iconIt creates social bond, friendship and solidarity

Do you have any other reasons in mind? Write to us :) Write to us :)

Who is Strabo ?

A former Greek geographer of ancient times (60 BC), Strabo made many trips and made it into a 17-volume encyclopedia called 'Geography'.

In short, travel is his area of expertise.

We like to think that his best memories must have been those with the travelling companions he met on the way....

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The story behind this idea

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Have you ever given up traveling, or even just for the weekend because you had no one to go with? It happened to me in 2017 when I wanted to go to Iceland, a trip that was close to my heart and for which I had planned everything.

Not finding suitable solutions, I decided to create a serious and engaging platform entirely dedicated to finding travel companions!

For that, I converted to web development and with the help of Abbeal, we created Strabo! I tell the story in this first blog article: Read the story

Charlotte, co-founder